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About Us

Touran Research Services is a developing company in the provision of worldwide standard market research solutions. We provide as a one-of-a-kind connection between insights specialists.
Who wants to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions and responders who want to express their views. Every project and its execution is designed to improve value analysis and provision. Our clients will benefit from practical insights. Each study experience is unique. It is critical for any firm to be able to make strategic decisions. As a result, we provide a better success rate and more response rate while maintaining high Quality.

Our Services

Touran Research serves customers that allow us to collect speedy, reliable, and solid statistics for our clients, permitting them to benefit from a competitive industry. We conduct quality control checks at each step of the survey to maintain the authenticity and reliability of the information delivered to the client. We provide customized solutions to enterprises, consumers, advertisers, and marketing firms. Our modern technology and qualified professionals allows us to provide preemptive Market Research outdoor services.



  • Computer aided personal interviews CAPI
  • Computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI)
  • Telephonic Surveys
  • Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI)
  • Central Location Testing
  • Paper & Pen Interviews(PAPI)


  • Depth Interviews
  • Mini-Groups,Triads,Dyads
  • Ethnography Approaches
  • Online In-Depth interviews
  • Online Focus Group Discussions


  • Audience Research
  • Product Research
  • Brand Analysis
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Database Research
  • Post-sale or Consumer
  • Satisfaction Research


  • Cardiologist
  • Dentist
  • Dermatologist
  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecologist
  • Haematologist
  • Oncologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Nephrologists

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Research Support Services

Do you seek support with a research project? Touran Research offers a number of support services to research professionals in need.

Survey Progamming

Touran Research offers round-the-clock project monitoring and the structured survey collects the data needed from the specific respondents during the course. The response might be collected in a matrix or on a rating scales of points, or by suitable text boxes, text, or audio-video methods, or through several menu options or individual select responses.

Data Analysis

Data analysis uses predictive strategies to find patterns in data. These patterns are useful in decision making because they reveal areas for process improvement. Corporations may use data analysis to optimize the profitability of their customer relations, identify fraud, and mitigate risk.

Global Coverage


Agriculture is Science's oldest industry, having fed the world for ages. It is presently undergoing dramatic evolution as a series of revolutions redefine its processes, techniques, and value chain. Touran Research combines directly with some of the corporation's leading brands to produce insights by rapidly and seamlessly engaging 'hard to reach' respondents from both rural and urban regions. Touran Research leverages its in-house capabilities and broad reach to analytics is the branch that support customers to make sound critical decisions.


Media is much more than simply giant enterprises sending stuff into our homes. Today, media is about the average client, who can directly submit content as well as thoughts and ideas via multiple means, seriously affecting both sales and outcomes. Touran Research applies its broad reach, distinct skills, and specific knowledge to assist customers in identifying their "strongest connect" with relevant respondent categories. Clients leverage the information gained from working with Touran Research to develop customized information and favourable stimuli, enhancing viewership and market share.


The global workforce is declining. As healthcare systems and players face growing demands, only those that can blend patients' expectations and demands with the tough demands of cost versus value will have a future. We have been serving significant customers in the global healthcare market by combining good knowledge, substantial reach, and analytics. The answers Touran Research assists in obtaining have a direct and quantifiable bearing on critical aspects such as patient satisfaction and service optimization.


Retail is one of today's most dynamic businesses, with the capacity to absorb a high pace of growth at multiple fronts, including consumers, channels, and providers. As shoppers grow more connected to Retail, it is vital (and hard) to engage them in meaningful dialogues. Everyone is eager to "connect with the consumer," but only a few will succeed. Touran Research has used its Market Research expertise to link customers with fast-moving, high-value respondents; insights offered by Touran Research have assisted clients in building, keeping, and growing their leadership across crucial major retailers.

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